EEG training Program Costs & Fees

The program consists of two types of costs: direct and indirect. Direct costs include program cost itself and fees. Indirect costs such as course materials, supplies, scrubs, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses are not payable to Comprehensive Neurology Clinic and therefore are not billed (charged) to the enrollee. Indirect costs are based on national averages of these types of expenses.

Affordable Program Completion

Since every enrollee comes to us with a unique set of circumstances, the cost of completing a program varies for each individual. The following costs are for enrollees completing the program in normal time.

2022 Program Fee

EEG Program
Includes Clinical Internship
Malpractice Insurance Included

Malpractice Insurance for Internship

The program provides malpractice insurance based. This fee could vary depending on individual circumstances. General Malpractice insurance is provided as part of the program fee.

Costs Not Included in Program Fee

  • Course Materials: $250
  • Scrubs (Used During Clinicals): $125
  • Indirect costs which are not provided valuation: Computer, Internet Access. etc.

Course Materials

The costs for supplies within the EEG program are the responsibility of the enrollee and not included in program fees.

Health Insurance

Enrollees who are injured or become ill on duty at their clinical site will normally be treated within the nearest hospital’s emergency room. However, the student will be responsible for all medical expenses.

Program Fee Payments

The program fee is required to be paid five (5) days prior to the starting date of each term.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not provided.

The above information represents the majority of fees, but may not include service offered. Please contact us if you have questions.